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Strategy Games

Strategy games is a specific genre of online games. The key to achieve victory is proper planning and logical thinking. Play strategy games for a special kind of fun. Those games on average last much longer than any other games, because you need to think about the development and management of entire towns, settlements, airports, armies, teams, countries, unknown lands and other things. So they are really time consuming. Typically the goal of any online strategy games is to destroy the enemy and to develop your own economy and army. As a player you will have to make quick decisions, to be faster than your enemies. Variety of plots make this game very exciting genre. These games will be very interesting for both children and adults. Starting a game like this you have to be patient. There is no place for hasty decisions, one single mistake can be game changing and fatal. So it is important not to rush and think your steps in advance. Your main advantages have to be endurance and clear mind. In general depending on the subject and author’s idea, these games can be divided into two main subspecies.

Strategy Games

What kinds of free strategy games there are?

First one is economic strategies or business strategy game. The main difference of this genre is that your main priority is the development of the economic infrastructure of the territory controlled by you. There are several factors that contribute to your ability to win when you properly use them. Firstly, before building the city, it is important to consider its organization and planning in advance. In some games the buildings are already constructed and they can not be moved on the map, they can only be demolished and rebuilt. Also strategic placing of all objects will allow you to quickly transport the right resources and provide convenient connections throughout the territory of the town. Second, smart use of available resources plays an important role in the game. Though there is no military part in those games, city building games are still interesting. Of course, it should be noted that these games probably not for everybody, because far not everyone will have enough patience while developing strategy.

How to become a god of war of free online strategy

Military strategy games contain elements of economics, because without it there is no way to create a powerful army. You will need to build factories, mines, hire workers, engage in trade and perform all the necessary tasks to achieve the goal. In order to train your soldiers, they must be well fed and have all the necessary armory, whether it's a horse, chariot or tank. But there is a huge part of the game where you will have to be the commander of your army on the battlefield. Lives of your soldiers and the success of the whole operation will depend on the tactics of warfare you will chose. You will need to place canons and army so that you have an advantage. Proper tactics of warfare is one of the most important components of the victory.

The benefits of playing online strategy

Do not underestimate the potential that lies in any online strategy game. After all those games can teach you how to spend your budget both in the game and real life. It seems like property management and financial resources are very boring. But in fact any strategy game will get you intensively involved from beginning to end. Soon you will enjoy managing role of leader. It is really exciting when success or failure of the city, country or the whole empire depends on you.

There are also some simple free strategies. Basically they are not designed for a long lasting playing with taking difficult decisions. They are designed for fun and do not require long preparation. It can be a game where you will be offered to manage a zoo, small businesses, such as cafe or restaurant. But there are such strategies where everything is concentrated on financial management. For example, your task can be development of a huge corporation. Sports management is also a very interesting theme among free online strategy. In this case, you will be the owner of any football, basketball or hockey team but you don’t have to take part in sports competitions. Buying and selling players this is a mission that will fall on your shoulders. Airport management is also a pretty interesting thing. Free strategy games can range up to infinity, important to find those that will satisfy your tastes.

Global strategy games are those where you will have to manage entire states and countries. They combine and war and the economy. In addition to that you will be responsible for scientific progress and the development of new lands. The action can take place both on Earth and in space.

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