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Avatar Games

Avatar games are based on the cartoon with the same name. Action takes place on another planet. The world is divided into 4 nations: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. The leader of each of those nations is endowed with the ability to manage his element. They are called magicians. But there is a character who is stronger than all the others. Only he can use all four elements. He is Avatar. He ensures that the strength of all the elements is in balance. When Avatar dies he is reborn as human again. His belonging to the nation is changing in a certain order. There is a war. Fire Nation is trying to become dominant in the world, it conquers the other nations that possess the magic of the other three elements. And they are succeeding, they manage to capture Air Nomads, the Kingdom of Earth and are about to take over the Water Tribe. The main character of the game is 12-year-old boy named Aang, in his fate he has difficult task - to stop the brutal Fire Nation. His mission is to stop the war and to restore the balance of all the elements.

But when he found out about what is going on, he got scared and ran away on his magical sky Bison Appa. While he was gone, the ruler of people of Fire, knowing that only Avatar can defeat him and his army he decided to eradicate this problem beforehand. He destroyed all members of the Air Nomads, because the current Avatar has to originate from their nation. But Aang survived because of his escape. Upon learning that his nation is gone, he was devastated with grief and rage. He decided to take revenge and to liberate conquered nations. He is endowed with magical powers and eventually after a lot of tests, he could equally resist the invaders and to return people their freedom.

Avatar has excessive power and good heart. He understands other people’s grief and he will try to do everything possible to help people and fight injustice prevailing in their world. His task is to restore the balance between the human world and the spirit world. Due to the fact that Avatar games were created based on cartoons, now you have the opportunity to fight against the invaders from the Fire Nation. The path to victory is not easy, but you have to pass it.

Everything depends on you. Prove that you can defeat the forces of evil. After all there are other magicians your side.

Avatar games online will be suitable for children of school and preschool ages. After all colorful levels and magic tricks surely will sparkle interest in them. Younger generation likes this character not just because he has fantastic skills but also very fair, kind, friendly, although in fact he is just a little boy, the fate of which is to face the great test.

Avatar games will not let your child get bored. From the first minutes of the game he will like interesting and unusual story. Avatar games are popular among children, so it is unlikely to disappoint you. You will face a lot of adventure. You will fight enemies and they will see your strength. Before the game, check out the controls and learn how to use the magic. You can apply different unusual strikes and even put a magic block. Avatar games are available for free to everyone.

Play Avatar online for free

But Aang is not the only one. Avatar: The Legend of Korra is the adventures of the future avatar, which is the next incarnation after Aang. This time it's a girl and she already knows magic of fire, water and earth. But to learn the magic of air she will have to work hard. Unlike her predecessor - calm, sensible and reasonable boy, Korra is hot-tempered and extremely confident. She does not avoid her problems she solves them. This is an interesting story and incredible fantastic events.

Today there are lots of games on this topic. Main characters can have very different tasks. For example, you can play tennis as Aang against computer. And you will play with large round stone. And instead of a racket you will use magic with which you must hit the ball. If repel the strike failed the character takes damage. And remember all Avatar online games are free.

Features of game Avatar

Avatar The Last Airbender games are made in many different genres. The essence of the game can be sparring with the magician. Each character has different skills. After selecting players the battle begins. This is where you will be able to use magic elements in full. You have a certain number of actions. You can either attack or defend. Also there is an ability to quickly heal yourself. In general, in a fight all depends on you. Use any skill you wish as long as it works.

Combat system in game Avatar online is so fantastic and interesting that you have a lot of play time to enjoy. You can also share the link of the game on your social media page. And do not forget to rate the game on a five-point scale. If you have a child, who has nothing to do, then show him the these games, it will real fun. The game will appeal to many children.

It is a childhood dream to have super powers. Those games are a vivid examples. You will manage the strongest character, who can control the four elements. You can see what they are capable of.