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Mario Games

Mario is an Italian plumber, who conquered the hearts of millions of gamers. People are so fond of this character that there have been made a whole series of games. Nintendo created a whole world for Mario and his brother Luigi. Anyone who misses good old times of pixel console games we offer you classic Mario arcade, Mario kart online, Super Mario Bros, Mario two player games, action and shooting games. Old and new fans of the these games will find what they like. Choose your favorite game and get going to rescue the Princess. But be careful on the way you will meet dangerous opponents, visit fabulous place and face incredibly strong bosses. This little plumber is stronger than he seems, and with proper approach he is capable of lot of things and together with his best friend Luigi, who is also his brother he is invincible. In the fairy-tale world plumber with moustache in coveralls has superhuman powers and therefore he afraids of nothing. To defeat a monster your character has to jump on its head. And in order to collect some gold he has to kick the coins out of the boxes.

Mario is the main protagonist of the game series with the same name. His creator Shigeru Miyamoto is from Japan. There are over 200 games with this character. Also, this character is the mascot of Nintendo. Games from this series can be called one of the greatest in the history of the industry of computer entertainment. There are many spin-offs in some cases some other character can become the main protagonist. The main series are made in the platformer genre.

This is the most popular character in the world of video games and everyone knows him. He is endowed with such qualities as honesty, kindness, optimism and compassion. He is always ready to help. Mario online for free is available on our website. Forget about boredom at work or at home. It is also a great way to relax after daily routine. Play Mario online with pleasure.

History of super mario bros games

Our hero is an Italian plumber who lives in the United States. He first appeared on the slot machines of the company Nintendo, the game was called Donkey Kong. Main character in Donkey Kong is a carpenter named Jumpman. Jumpman saves his girlfriend Pauline from the troubles, in which she gets every now and then. The role of the villain is played by big gorilla named Donkey Kong. The game was introduced in 1981 to the slot machines.

Plumber as an independent personality appeared in the first game called Mario Bros released in 1983 for Nintendo slot machines. Here for the first time appeared his brother Luigi. Later those games have been ported to the console and portable home computers.

Appearance of the protagonist is very stereotypical - mustached plumber in overalls and cap. His creator Miyamoto dressed the character in blue overalls with gold buttons, red shirt and matching cap, with white gloves on hands. Later letter «M» was placed on his hat as it is the first letter of his name.

He moves in a 2D world but this does not affect the quality of the game, because it is how it was made and how we remember it back from the old consoles.

The plot of the game is loved and became legendary for a reason. Firstly the protagonist is sympathized, thanks to his positivity. Secondly, for majority of people our hero is associated with childhood the time when we played it on consoles. Now, however, the improved quality of graphics and effects creates new fans and new generation of players who enjoy playing it today. And most of all, this story is not forgotten and will only be updated and improved. It is unlikely that Mario games online will be less popular in the future.

Super Mario Story

First game of Super Mario online is a story about how villain Donkey Kong imprisons our plumber and his girlfriend Pauline. To save his girlfriend and himself our hero must beware of barrels and get away from the fire. The victory comes after passing all 4 levels. Mario puts Donkey Kong in a cage and begins to fight with his son, who wants to free his father. Son manages to save his father from prison and together they go to the Monkey Island. In the following game while repairing sewers brothers face mysterious creatures, which they have to fight and in consequence of the fight they accidentally fall into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Next events unfold in dreamland. Super Mario bros online fight with the villain Bowser, they rescue Princess Peach while having a considerable amount of exciting adventures. The protagonist and princess get along very well and become friends. Next games in the series are more fun, the character travels in space and even moves in time, fights with various fantastic monsters.

Endurance of Mario

All over the Mushroom Kingdom, there is only one same character like Mario having the same super powers like him. It's his brother Luigi. The brothers have unprecedented powers and tenacity. The hero is capable of much, in one of the games he lifted the king, in another a whole castle. But all of his powers come in handy on duel with the villain Bowser. Plumber spins Bowser by his tail and throws to the ground, it is hard to believe that so much power lies in a small Italian.

The hero has great stamina, he can withstand a lot of pressure and falling from great height does not cause any consequences for him. Enemy attacks with superhuman force, do not hurt him. Current, frostbite are only small obstacle on his path. He does not suffer from fatigue, so he never stops moving in the game. Our hero can control fire and work with the speed of sound.

Superhero Skills

The main ability of our hero is his unwavering persistence and desire to win. He is a good motivator for friends and always encourages them to victory. His optimism in difficult situations can serve as real role model. His motto - never give up. Mario also has his own unique fighting style, which he rarely uses. Super mario bros games are super fun.

Friends of Super Mario

The most loyal and best friend is of course his brother Luigi. They are very attached to each other, because Luigi often appear in games. Although they are good friends in their lives there is a place to rivalry. Princess Peach is one of the oldest friends of our hero. Peach loves to get into trouble, so Mario always saves her and as a reward he receives kisses on the cheek. Princess loves to lure him to dinner with pies which protagonist loves, like a real Italian he loves to eat.

It's no secret that Mario and Peach is in love with each other, officially the rumors of a romantic relationship of Princess and the plumber were confirmed on his website.

With his friend Rosalina he restored the observatory, with friend Toad he participated in many adventures, and his friend Yoshi saved his life, so he is very grateful to him. So he has a lot of friends and stories with them.

Enemies of Mario

Vario is a businessman who loves to compete with our hero. Whole branch of series of games devoted to their rivalry. But there were cases when they united to fight a common enemy. But such friendship unfortunately did not last long and soon they became rivals again. Far not everyone loves our hero, so he has enemies. His main enemy is big turtle, whose shell and head covered with sharp spikes. His name is Bowser he dreams to conquer all Mushroom Kingdom. Villain constantly kidnaps Princess Peach and attacks our protagonist who is forced to defend himself and to rescue his girlfriend from captivity.

As you can see, Mario games are still popular and will not be forgotten for many years. Join us and take part in the fabulous adventures of favorite characters.