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Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure

: 766

How to play

Control of the game can be fully performed with the mouse. Hotkeys: press space to call the next wave, and you can use the F key to accelerate the course of events. 1,2,3 to quickly select buildings. Q, W, E - special features.

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The game Cursed Treasure is a strategy, with a focus on defensive actions. Your gems are in danger. They are laid in a safe place that you want to make simply impregnable. Also, they are at gunpoint in various characters. Ninjas, warriors, musicians and even evil spirits, they all do not pity themselves for the opportunity to cash in. With the help of three types of structures, defend the path to the target of the enemy. Pass levels in which the farther you go, the more waves coming are waiting for you. A modest victory will ensure the presence of at least one pebble in the asset, at the end of the round. And for more positive marks, try not to give a single contender. You are waiting for three consecutive difficulties and 15 levels. We'll have to think carefully about the correct options for the passage, which will give a chance to save his own.

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