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Dora the Explorer Games

Dora the Explorer Games are based on a children's animated series. The main character loves to go hiking, with her friend the monkey, the Boots, as well as the assistants with the Map and the Backpack. The map indicates the correct direction to the destination, and useful things are stored in the Backpack.

Sometimes during the next hike, Dora meets her acquaintances a little squirrel Tiko, Benny the Bull, the iguana Isa, Mr. Toucan and the Engine. They are happy to help the traveler in a difficult moment. In Dora the Explorer Games you will learn numbers, how to behave, as well as English. The themes of these games are very diverse and they do not always correspond to what you saw in the animated series. Sometimes you have to visit with her hospital or dentist, there are dress up with Dora in the title role. Learning to cook with your favorite character is also not a problem. You will be pleased with a large selection of Dora the Explorer Games and you will surely find the right one for yourself.