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Shopaholic Games

Shopaholic Games is a wonderful series of games in which you will find plenty of entertainment. Would you like to go shopping in expensive stores and buy beautiful clothes and accessories there? Then you will definitely like this series of games, because the main activities here are shopping, photo shoots, visits to parties and all sorts of fashionable events. You can also make money and increase your reputation in Shopaholic Games until you become the most famous supermodel.

In Shopaholic Games you are given various tasks. You receive invitations to interesting events, in which a certain dress code is necessarily present. Your outfit must comply with it, otherwise you will not be allowed but this event. If you bought the right clothes and created a furor at a party, then you are guaranteed to receive an award for this in the form of money, as well as stars of the rating. The higher your rating, the higher your payment will be and the better clothes you can buy for your star. Play in all parts of the Shopaholic Games, at the same time visit all the fashionable capitals of the world.