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Fishing Games

Fishing Games are a great way to catch fish right at home if there is no opportunity to go out into nature, but there is a huge desire to catch at least a virtual fish. Here you will find a lot of games for different types of fishing: both float for feed fish and spinning for predator. If you have been fishing at least once, then you know very well what a pleasant feeling it is to catch a fish after a long wait for a bite. Not everyone has the necessary equipment and rods, as well as a reservoir near their place of residence, so that you can go fishing. Therefore, if you feel a sense of nostalgia, then you can choose a suitable Fishing Game and make your first virtual cast.

Our fishing games are divided by season, by fishing area, and also by the specification of the fish itself. You can try to catch perch or pike on the river, you can catch trout on the lake, or not deny yourself the pleasure and go straight to the ocean for marlin. Basically, in these games you will be able to improve your fishing skills, and as you progress through the game levels - buy more expensive rods, reels, floats, hooks and bait. Do not forget that the right bait plays a huge role in successful fishing, be it a wobbler or a spoon. Good luck to you fishing and of course, no tail, no scales!