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Penguins Attack 4

Penguins Attack 4

: 711

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Penguins Attack 4 - Meet the last, fourth part of the epic war on the evil northern birds. The application logo has not been so angry, the skull and bones are depicted on the fourth part of the logo. Modern motives influenced what you see on the screen. The graphics have become more pleasant, you can feel the cartoon of everything that is happening. Twelve levels of happiness, so it can be said about the legends prepared for you. You will be overwhelmed with pride in your achievements in this toy, because a stupid person will not be able to withstand several dozen waves of enemy units. In the presented episode, penguins showed the highest class of training, they are constantly progressing, from meeting to meeting. During the communication with the dangerous birds, you also learned a lot. Aviation in today's episode is a sick topic for birds, maybe not just like that. Air attacks, original bosses on airships and much more. The infantry and other ground troops are also not lagging behind. In the previous part, robotics was only developed in the design offices of the inhabitants of the pole. The fourth part will show what small craftsmen have achieved. Juggernaut and exoskeletons, for them you need to pick up the most dangerous weapon.

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