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Penguins Attack 2

Penguins Attack 2

: 694

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Penguins Attack 2 - the second part about the defense of the tower. Do not let the new army of the army of penguins destroy your protection. Improved graphics and many additional features are waiting for you, features are introduced that make the gameplay even more exciting. Continue the war with the evil land birds. Now it's even more fun than before! Now a huge role is played by the classification of weapons, improvements have remained available, they cannot be avoided. Electric towers inflict regular attacks with great power, their frequency is not suitable for fighting fast infantrymen. Use electricity against opponents with a large supply of health. Toddlers can overcome the cheapest, standard gun. The capabilities of the stationary flamethrower are impressive; it is a pity that these weapons are not suitable for repelling air attacks. Use a powerful gun for 100 gold. Several of these guns will not miss the enemy's pilot, buy additional means of air protection if there are a lot of airplanes. The game Penguins Attack 2 prepared a lot of hidden guns, in the first part you could see all the available defense tools at the very beginning of the game. Now, for successful combat, you can get new weapons.

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