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Keeper of the Grove 3

Keeper of the Grove 3

: 790

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Keeper of the Grove 3 - the continuation of the famous series of toys. You must manage the conservationists and protect the jewels of the forest. Symbolism in the game at the highest level! Everything important in nature and on the planet is marked with precious stones. The four elements are various creatures. Some of them resemble mythical monsters, others look like characters from famous punks. The past and the future mixed up in one place, on the screen of your computer there will be a real battle. For all the beauty described above, alien villains gathered to launch an attack. This can be learned from the comics in the intro video, the game itself will not be worse. You should spend your time passing all the levels on the map, the territory is shrouded in mist. Uncover the secrets of the grove and preserve its beauty.

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