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Penguins Attack

Penguins Attack

: 711

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Penguins Attack - the first part of an excellent strategy, for fans of the genre tower defense. Do not let the army of incoming birds conquer your shore. The landing of the marines, airstrikes, raids of helicopter pilots, all this prepared for you by evil penguins. There are many slots in standard barricades. It is necessary to block all entrances, put in the empty places of the tower. Combat buildings have my range and impact force. Click on the finished buildings with the left mouse button, the improvement menu will open, and the map will show the radius of damage of the protective device. You get money for every enemy you kill. Spend earned during the battle. Upgrade your guns, the damage radius will increase significantly with every coin poured into the case. Develop infrastructure and do not forget to save.

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