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Bob the Robber Games

Help Bob steal various items from buildings in the wonderful Bob the Robber series of games. You should not be detected by security cameras or guard dogs. If you succeed, you will become the most famous thief of all time. Crack locks, dodge capture and collect the most valuable prizes of all. Each mission has its own task, so before you make a move, try to carefully examine the environment.

Bob the Robber Games will test your agility

Avoid security cameras and security guards, otherwise you may be arrested. You can also hide in the shadows and knock out the guard from behind. Open even the most difficult locks and do not forget to check all the items to find the money. Steal the target item and go to the exit to complete the mission. Use the money to buy new gadgets and costumes to help you in your mission.

You have to steal from the rich and give to the poor, like the famous Robin Hood, to help Bob get into buildings, collect money, and avoid corrupt security guards as you move through the level. Do not forget that there are surveillance cameras that monitor your every move! If Bob gets caught by the cameras or guards too often, you will be caught and you will fail the mission. If you like the plot of these games, try to go through all the Bob the Robber Games.

Release date

The first game was originally released as a flash game in October 2011. HTML5 version became available from October 2018.

Bob the Robber Game Specifications

  • 5 challenging levels;
  • 5 chances to be caught;
  • You must pass each level exclusively, relying on cunning and agility;