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BEN 10 Games

Ben Ten Cartoon is really exciting and interesting. It is full of adventures and unusual twists. But the Ben 10 games are no less entertaining. In them you can play Ben himself or any of his associates. Here we have a lot of games from this series. These games are represented in many genres: shooting, fighting, Action, Arcade, logical, racing, etc. All of them are dedicated to the beloved hero. Ben 10 games are pretty interesting pastime, you can feel like a real savior of the universe, fight villains and simply have good time. Play Ben 10 online on our site and they will please you with diversity of genres. Try them once and you will not be able to stop.

What Ben 10 games and cartoons are about?

Ben Tennyson is ten years old boy. He has cousin Gwen, who is of the same age. Once Ben and Gwen with their grandfather Max decided to go camping for the holidays. Ben did not expect anything interesting from hiking, but the very first night he was lucky to find an alien device called Omnitrix, it looked like a normal wrist watch, but it had a powerful ability to transform him into one of ten superheroes from space. Each of them has unique superpowers. And the number of available Omnitrix superheroes will grow over time. Thanks to new super powers Ben becomes a young guardian of our planet. He will fight with a lot of opponent, defeat numerous villains, criminals, and even fight off alien invaders.

This is a short description of all the movies and TV series. So most Ben10games are made based on the films about this super boy.

Ben 10 Omniverse games

This is a sequel of the series. Ben and Gwen turn 17 years old. It is time to move to another city for college. At college our hero meets his future partner Rook. They will go to the city of aliens, which has long been abandoned. While they are struggling with all kinds of evils they are being followed by bounty hunter Khyber, who wants to take away Ben’s powerful Watch. So all the games are based on this series and as usual include a lot of fights with aliens.

Ben 10 Alien Force games

Ben's grandfather Max disappeared. So our hero and his cousin Gwen are left alone. By the time they turned 15 years old. But their own force is not enough to fight evil and so they gather their teammates in the fight against the aliens. Even Kevin, former Ben’s foe, joins him. Kevin is the owner of an unusual car, he has a 1971 green with black stripes Dodge Challenger. The car is equipped with all sorts of gadgets that will help the team. So do not hesitate and fight evil start playing Ben 10 Alien Force games right now.

Ben 10: Secret of The Omnitrix

In this film, Ben Ten already learned how to manage his unusual powers. But he faces a new problem, Omnitrix started self-destructing mechanism and now Ben has to find the creator of the Omnitrix and save himself from almost certain death.

Ben 10: Race Against Time

Though the protagonist has become a recognized hero and savior, but holidays came to an end, which means that it's time to go back to school and become the most ordinary schoolboy. When something bad happened. Criminal, who escaped from prison, is a pretty big threat not only to our boy, but also to the entire population of the planet. He will try to master Ben’s clock and take over the Earth with its inhabitants in order to enslave them. Ten has no choice but to accept the battle and defeat the enemy.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

This is a sequel of Ben 10: Alien Force series. In the movie the Ben and his friends stumble upon a hive of alien nanobots using humans as host bodies in order to take over the world. Ben and part of the team meet with illegal sellers of nanochips. Among them, Ben finds his childhood friend Helen. She asks him to help find her father. At the same time they are getting attacked by someone who controls the chips. Trinity - Gwen, Kevin and Ben give them fight back. Then they find Helen’s father, but it turns out that he was behind the creation of those hostile chips. As a result, they find out that he was doing it under the influence of Hive Queen. As long as Ben 10 does not want to hurt his old friend’s father, he resorts to the force of Omnitrix. He turns into a dragonfly, gets into the head of scientist and defeats the Queen.

Ben 10: Alien Force Episode 2

The events take place a year after Ben 10: Alien Force. Ben 10 and his sister is already 16 years old. Now Ben Ten is almost a universal favorite, but he didn’t quite earn the trust of adults. Though Vilgax (Ben’s worst enemy) was defeated, a new threat is coming. This time it's an alien named Aggregor.

Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United

This cartoon is no less exciting than the previous ones. And fans of Generator Rex (teenager infected with nanites, who knows how to manage them, turns them into anything), will definitely like it. Ben Ten, with the help of his watch turned himself into Humungousaur. Meantime Rex was in the same park Ben was and Rex thought it was his foe E.V.O. So they started the fight, Ben 10 and Generator Rex, but eventually they found out who they really are and even decided to cooperate in their fight against evil.

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

Ben Ten and his cousin are ten years old. They together with their grandfather Max are fighting with the machinery of unknown origin. During this fight the Omnitrix watch got struck by an unknown energy. As a result, this energy sent them into an interesting adventure. Tetrax Shard - battle-hardened bounty hunter, who wants to take Omnitrix away from Ben and Ben’s father Azimuth will appear in this part of the series. So we have some of the best Ben Ten games here on our website. An you can play Ben 10 games absolutely free. Enjoy the game.