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Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2

: 628

How to play

Control with the mouse. Hotkeys: 1,2,3 - select the type of building to build, Q, W, E - special features.

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In the game Cursed Treasure 2, your jewels are in danger, the heroes are ready to take possession of stones by any means. The task is not to give them the opportunity to get artifacts. Enemies will break from all sides, you need to ensure the safety of the treasure. This will help you defensive buildings, special features and good logical thinking. Choose the correct arrangement of structures, which to the maximum neutralize the advancing enemies, among which there are regular, champions and bosses. The game Cursed Treasure 2 has many different levels from which locations are formed, each of them has its own characteristics. Occupy positions and with the help of archers-orcs, cold dead and demons of fire, overcome the oncoming crowd of enemies.

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