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Bomb It Games

Bomb It Games - an amazing series of games on the principle of the game Bomberman, which allows you to fight in intense competitions on your own or with a friend. Place your bombs strategically to explode enemies and destroy items. You can pick up bonuses that will give you various advantages, such as increasing your maximum life and freezing enemies.

For a long time it seemed that we would no longer hear about Bomberman. He is back, and a lot of work awaits him. In Bomb It Games, many missions await you, where you will have to show that working with explosives is your area. The tasks in the games are different, sometimes you have to kill all enemies, sometimes you are expected to collect as many coins as possible, and sometimes to get rid of special obstacles. Prepare your bombs and go!

Bomb It Games Characteristics

  • Local multiplayer mode
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Full screen mode
  • Many bonuses
  • Work on any device (computer, laptop, phone, ...)