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Winx Club Games

If you are already familiar with the story of fairies, then you have no doubt that Winx fairies are very exciting to play. If you do not know who it is, then you will find here a brief description of what happened in this popular animated series. You should choose the genre that appeals to you most of all and then you can start an exciting game.

There is a huge variety of types of games of favorite fairies and magical worlds. Winx Games will allow you to surf the fantastic universe full of different adventures and dangers. You will need to perform interesting tasks, collect items to improve your characters and earn points. They can be puzzles and you will need to find logical solutions to pass the levels to the end. They may also have more active direction in them. Winx Club Games are designed for your reaction, care and cunning. You will have to beat the opponent and most importantly - survive. You need to be smart, because sometimes the power of force won’t defeat your enemy and then you will have to resort to tricks and tactics.

Play your favorite Winx club games

If you prefer more laid back games, your choice could fall on the game with a logical twist. Winx club puzzle is a great way to train your memory, intelligence and logic. And enjoy pictures with your favorite characters of course.

Winx Club Games for girls have different topics. Would you like to choose an outfit for the fairies, to create a unique image for them and even show what kind of fashionista you are with unique taste? Then dress up Winx is just what you need. Here you will need your resourcefulness and sense of taste. And you can make your fairy unique and original like no other. Winx Club makeup is really important to create a successful image as well as it will give you the opportunity to practice the art of selecting harmonious colors and matching shadows, blush, mascara and lipstick. That comes in handy in the life of every girl.

In some games there is the possibility to play together. Invite a friend for fun and to hang out together. Simply select the appropriate game available for two at this section, figure out the controls and start playing. It is worth noting that all games on our website are free. Winx club games for free are available at any time for all the players.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Winx club fairies

Winx Club animated series already celebrated its tenth anniversary, but l it is still as popular as it was in the beginning. Due to the fascinating story of the cartoon it still excites the imagination of young girls.

In the movie there is one unsuspecting simple girl Bloom, who is a princess of the Magic Kingdom on the planet Domino. When Bloom found out that she is a fairy and she belongs to the Winx world of wonder, there was no limit to her surprise! When Bloom came to the magical world, she founded the Winx Club. The club entered Bloom and her friends fairies: Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna. They all went to the same winx club school of magic Alpheus. Later Leila joined them. For over three seasons Bloom wanted to know who she really is, where she came from, where she used to live and who are her real parents?

This is a very interesting and exciting story about how Winx fought against evil witches and sorcerers and at the same time continued to go to Alpheus school. You can find out about life of heroines. Winx Commonwealth is very closely based on reciprocity and respect. They help each other even at the risk of their own lives.