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Avie Games

Avie Games are a series of games that is different from ordinary dress up games and makeup games. Here you need to be smart to get a variety of outfits or cosmetics, because you just can not buy them. There are tasks in which you need to show your logical thinking, and there are also where your creative abilities are welcomed. At the beginning of the game about Aivie, you will get into the house of the main character, where there is a living room, toilet, dressing room and a room where you can apply makeup. Avie has a pink car on which to go to the city.

In the city you will find a variety of places from the library to the restaurant on a huge yacht. Visit each of them, complete the task and return home with the prizes won. Avie looks very realistic, the game has a huge number of variations of outfits and make-up. Also present is the effect of the surprise of what prize you get this time, forcing to play Avie games further. We hope that this series of games will not leave you indifferent and you will want to go through all the available levels to the end.