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Fire and Water Games

Be a team in the Fire and Water Games to complete all levels as fast as possible. Play for these two characters and try to collect all the diamonds. Experience the adventure in various environments, such as temples, forests and many others. But beware of the dangers on the way. First, the characters cannot collect other people's diamonds, and secondly, some puddles are harmful to health, therefore, the characters of the games “Fire and Water” are best avoided. And finally, you should think about how to lead them through the maze to the end point as quickly as possible. To achieve the highest result, you need to be very fast.

These platform games offer more than just running and jumping, you also have to solve riddles along the way. Play here in all available versions. Currently you can play Fire and Water 1, 2, 3 and 4.

How to play the Fire and Water Games

With obstacles, you need to be very careful, because sometimes it is better to play with a fire boy, and sometimes with a water girl to get to the diamonds. If you can well dodge obstacles and deftly find aisles, you will go to the next level. In different versions of the game Fire and Water you play in various difficult and exciting conditions. In the first version, Forest Temple, there are three types of levels. The first is to get to the exit and score as many points as possible. The second is similar to the first, but here you need to move both figures synchronously. In the third type, you must grab a green diamond and find a way out. Along the way, you should watch out for various puddles. If you run on the wrong pool, you lose. So be careful and jump over the puddle, otherwise you will lose. Try the Fire and Water Games for free, adventures are waiting for you!