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Adventure Games

How about spending some time wandering in the maze or to look for an exit to the next level, or simply shoot some monster passing by on a level while playing free adventure games. Online games are gaining popularity with every day and among them this genre stands out particularly. Typically online adventure is a game with storytelling, exploration, and puzzle solving and there should be some logical ending. We have adventures for both children and adults, they can be time limited, with shooting elements and escape adventures, in general we have everything you are looking for. The most important is that those games do not require new software or at up-to-date computer. They are available for free at any time. Diversity of the adventure games is so impressive that in this section, one can find a game to enjoy regardless of age or gender. Adventure online section is specially designed for those passionate about solving puzzles, walking in the intricate levels and in unveiling secrets of mysteries.

Play free Adventure games

adventure games

Your task is to accompany the hero in different worlds, where he will go through many adventures, in which he will rely on you. Whether it's a maze or some puzzle you have to solve it and defeat the enemy. It could be favorite quest games for girls or platformer games for boys. Your will have a great choice of characters from the anime or manga, movies and cartoons, or even new and not yet very popular characters.

Adventure online free for all ages

In the past, the term Adventures was used more often than now, but it is still used in online gaming. Who does not like to drive cars or fly on airplanes through fabulous worlds, ice caves and hot deserts or jump over abysses full of dangers. Exciting trips in unbelievable places absolutely free.

Play Adventure games and have fun

In this section of our site we gathered the best adventure games. Hits of the past found new life on the pages of our website and revived their greatness. How could someone forget unbelievable adventures of Mario and his brother? As a child, everyone can recall those long hours, spent playing while trying to save the princess. But what about Sonic who collects rings. Nostalgia already exceeds the limits in this section. But there are new characters and fantastic worlds here. Everyone can find a game to enjoy, from nostalgic adults to a new generation.

The secret of adventure games online

Free action games are definitely will fit to everyone's taste, because what could be better than to wander through the mysterious and unknown worlds for hours, jumping over obstacles and passing different challenges or collecting all kinds of objects or running away from evil enemies. Main feature of this genre is its simplicity. On our site you can play adventures as much as you want, play with your favorite characters or find new ones at no cost.

Our team tried to collect all the options, such as 2 player action games, as well as for girls and boys, because girls also play browser apps and have their place in the ranks of gamers. Games suitable not only for kids but also for adults who need to blow off steam after work. Every dreamer will find here something to enjoy.

Play as a fireboy and watergirl on vast levels, or as snail in a thick shell, as our hero Snail Bob, who likes to travel and ready to pass any challenges.

Action adventure suitable for children, because at young age they develop all their skills and learn how to live. Training their logic and tactics will help in the future to solve problems.

Features of platformers

In this genre you will have to climb and jump on different platforms, collect different objects or even run away from someone. In Adventures you can find power-ups, they are triggered when the player picks it up or touches it. This item gives the hero special abilities or powers that are multiple times higher than hero’s regular abilities in normal state, but it usually runs out quick at the first failure in the game. Less frequently you can collect items into your inventory bag and apply when necessary.

Monsters, the so-called enemies, rarely have even a primitive thinking or intellect, all they are do is just walking in circles guarding a place on the map or trying to get closer to the hero. You can neutralize enemies in numerous ways starting from jump on head, as Mario does it and ending with use of various weapons.

Normally levels have a lot of secrets and hidden place but there are also helpful tips to help gamers go through the game faster and easier, but you must be attentive.

Isometric adventure games

This type of adventures shows three-dimensional world with the help of two-dimensional graphics and is a symbiosis of gaming space.

World of fairy tales and adventure is always open. Turn into seeker and discoverer. Explore new worlds and territories, face difficulties on your way, discover unexplored opportunities and become the first of a few who came to the end in this exciting and unique history. Be the hero and the world will kneel for you. Play game of adventure for free and become the best in it.