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How to play

Mouse control, the choice of magic buttons 1-6.

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Incursion game is an amazing opportunity to plunge into the world of war. Small strategic battles, logic and speed, strength and wisdom, this is what makes this game so exciting. You must resist the dark forces that are going to take your land away from you and sow evil. But they will not succeed in this ... In this wonderful world, three types of main warriors will be available to you: infantry, archers and magicians. Infantry - is the basis of the army, good melee and to prevent the passage of the enemy. Archers perfectly cope with air attacks, they are practically helpless in close combat, therefore the best escape in this case is running for them. Mages as fighters are just too weak, but excellent helpers on the battlefield. So, they help both infantry and archers, slowing down and weakening the enemy. With all this, each of these soldiers can be developed to unprecedented abilities.

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