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Billiards Games

Billiards is an interesting game widespread across the globe. No one knows when and where it was invented. But it became popular long time ago. From history we know that different countries had games that were similar to modern billiards. In the 19th century in Europe every nobleman had to learn how to play billiards. There are several types of this game like Russian and American style pool, snooker game, carom, etc. They all have their special rules. Common is the fact that in any one of them you need to score balls in any of the six pockets that are on the table. Unfortunately, very few people can afford to buy a pool table. So if you don’t want to bother going to sports bars or sports clubs, we offer you different kinds of billiards online. We have 3d pool, so you will find what you like.

Rules of online pool

So let’s have a look at one example. Online pool is a table with six pockets along perimeter. In the beginning balls are put in the shape of pyramid. But there is a cue ball, which is separated from “pyramid”. Cue ball should never fall in a pocket. If it ever happens you will be penalized. Cue is used to hit the balls and it is controlled with a mouse. At the beginning of the game hit the cue ball so that it hits the pyramid with colored balls. The main goal is to pocket all the colored balls. The entire game is based on the interaction of balls. Aim cue ball at any ball that is close to the pocket and hit. Also properly use the force of impact. Sometimes, weak strikes may be sufficient. No need to always hit at full force. This may decrease your chances to win and can put balls in uncomfortable places on the table. Try to pocket couple of balls with a single strike. You are better off thinking two strikes in advance. Think where the balls will stop, don’t create convenient positions of the balls for your opponent. Do not make hasty strikes. Pool games require concentration and attentiveness. Before the shot, choose the direction and strength. The slightest deviation from the planned trajectory can badly affect your results. Remember, with each strike the cue ball must always touch another ball. Otherwise you will lose points. The game is considered complete when all the colored balls are pocketed, or the one who scored the most points wins.

Types of billiard and its features

In billiards online cue ball is white and there are also 15 colored balls with numbers and special colors. There are many subtypes of this game. For example you have to score all the balls of the same color and the last one has to be "eight ball". Or each player must score balls only in his pocket, which was chosen before the game. Also, the balls can be pocketed in order. Beginning with number one ball and ending with 15. The game is considered over, when one of the players scored 61 points.

American-style pool online uses 16 balls of the same color. 15 balls are arranged in shape of pyramid. Any ball can be cue ball. The game ends, when someone scores 8 balls. For violation of the rules there are fines. For example, if after a shot your balls fall from the table, or the shot was against the rules, then you lose points.

Snooker is very popular. The balls are estimated by the color. In total there are 15 red balls in a pyramid. Each cost 1 point. Also there are 6 colored balls, that cost more then 1 point, they are located in certain places and a white cue ball. The key is to pocket red and colored balls into the pockets in a sequence. As long as there are red balls on the table, each time the colored ones will return back on the table. Whoever scores most points wins.

You will love 3d pool

Free pool game gives everyone the opportunity to try their hand at such an exciting game. For not very experienced players there will be constant clue in the form of the trajectory of impact. It really helps to make accurate shots. But you will not be able to appreciate yourself. After all, in the real game there will be no clues. It all depends on your abilities and techniques.

Everyone can enjoy this game on our website for free. And it does not matter how old you are. Everyone will get a lot of positive and joyful emotions from this game. Are you tired after a long day and want to play a bit? Try billiard online. Time will fly fast and fun. We assure, you will be satisfied.

Playing online is very entertaining. The most important is that you do not have to download and install anything on your computer. The game loads quickly online and you practically can immediately start playing. From the first minutes you'll love this game. Develop and improve skills of billiards player. Show how you can play. And do not forget to improve the previous results. 3d pool has nice graphics and gameplay. Have a fun and good luck!