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Snail Bob Games

Play Snail Bob online and have fun

Snail Bob Games series is a great collection of games about the snail named Bob, who always gets into all sorts of adventures.

On our website you will find eight episodes from life of snail. Snail Bob 1 is a game about how easy it is to turn into homeless and to how quickly find a new home. Second one tells us about how hard it is to get to a birthday party of relative. Third one confirms the statement that says - Do not touch the museum exhibits. Fourth one will shed some light on outer space. Bob 5 tells you about how to fight for your love, even if you saw her only once in life on the poster. Wisdom of sixth episode is if you’ve done something bad you might be punished. Seventh part can show you where dreams may come. And finally in Episode eight you will find out that anything is possible.

Snail Bob Games, who wants to play again?

All episodes are incredibly interesting and fascinating. Games Snail Bob are made with with good graphics, they help in development of logical thinking and a positive attitude. Play Snail Bob online on our site for free.

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Any Game Snail Bob is built on logic, so they appear to be sort of puzzle games. Use variety of devices to help main hero to pass to the next level. Click on our hero to stop him, press again and he will move on. On top of the screen, you can specify the speed of movement. Do not let him fall into the abyss.

Snail Bob online all the episodes

The story begins at Bob’s house, he quietly sat in front of a window in his favorite nightcap and ate his favorite meal - beans. Suddenly he heard a terrible noise in the street and saw a huge car driving right at him. Literally in the blink of an eye his house was crushed into pieces. Snail Bob was just dumbfounded and did not know what to do. At the end he was thrown out of his house by an excavator. Now he is homeless, he has a map and only two suitcases and he has no other choice but to start looking for a new home. His path will pass through construction sites, which are full of various obstacles and traps. He needs your help right away to find a new home, if you feel sorry for him then 1st Snail Bob game is just for you.

In the second game main character suddenly remembers that it is fourth day of the month, which means that his beloved grandfather has birthday on this day. Snail Bob thinks about what to give him, he sees pot with a red flower on the windowsill , which is the perfect gift that is sure to please beloved Grand Daddy. But he has to go through the forest full of dangers. Rumors say there are caterpillars that eat snails and even snail robot that takes away shells from other snails. So your help would be just in time.

snail bob games

Our hero is staying with his grandfather for the third episode. Granddaddy decides to take his grandson to a museum. When they entered the room of Egyptian antiquities, their attention was drawn to the mysterious mechanism similar to some portal. Curious Snail Bob immediately wanted to see it up close, but he was jerked by his grandfather as one should not touch museum exhibits and it even can be dangerous. But when grandfather got distracted Bob could not resist and touched the mechanism. Suddenly it started to work and mysterious force began to drag Bob inside of it. It turned out that it was a device for teleportation and he found himself in the egyptian labyrinth full of adventures. But is he able to overcome all the obstacles in his path and get back to grandfather?

In part four snail seriously dreams of flying into space, and even sent his resume, wanting to get the position of the astronaut. One evening he was sitting in front of TV, drinking hot milk and was watching a program about space. Suddenly the phone rang. It was the commander of the space program. He told Bob that his candidacy was reviewed and he was selected to participate in spaceflight. Snail was overjoyed! Finally, his childhood dream came true. He took the most important thing with him the suit and thirst for adventures and went to distant and unpredictable journey.

One sunny summer day our hero walked through the woods. This is how episode five begins. And then he saw something so beautiful that even deprived him of speech! On the tree, hung a poster with a picture of the beautiful singer, who invited everyone to her concert. She was the one he dreamed about. And it was love at first sight. Without thinking for a second, snail Bob immediately went to the dressing room. He chose the most beautiful hat and hurried for the journey in search of his beloved one.

On part six winter is just around the corner and so as Christmas Eve Bob dressed Christmas tree, hung stockings over the fireplace and was very pleased with his favorite holiday. The clock struck twelve, when someone threw a note into the chimney. Snail Bob immediately read what was written there and was horrified. His grandfather - snail Bob senior was kidnapped. Reaver was Mr Green - sworn enemy of Bob. Snail overwhelmed with anger, rage and desire to punish Greene. He put on a cap with earflaps and rushed to save his grandfather.

Dreamer Bob was reading an adventure book about dragons before bed. His friend and assistant ant was asleep. Snail started dreaming big about how he, as a brave knight would defeat terrible dragon. After these dreams he sweetly fell asleep. But it was not the end. Some incredible way his dreams came true and he appeared in a magical world. Wearing a suit with armor, he hastened to meet the unknown adventures. On his way he met the evil knights and dangerous bees, Dracula, ghosts and of course the dragon. He would like to help the ant, but without your help it is not possible! World of adventurous, pitfalls and dangers await you in the SnailBob game 7!

And now the last eighth episode. While fishing Bob gets into magic swirl and travels in space. He ends up on some magic island. And the story begins. Now our snail friend needs to find way out, but as usual he will face a lot of danger and adventures. But he will be fine if help him. So go ahead and play snail Bob.