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Zombie Games

In this section we have tons of different zombie games, of those which are somehow related to zombies. As most of you already know zombies are former people, who after being bitten by someone infected become insensitive creatures who knows no mercy, their main objective is to kill you and eat your brains. But do not be afraid and hide away from your computer, it's just a game. They are not always bloodthirsty killers, that we know them from movies. There are games where leaving dead are escaping from people and have unprecedented intelligence, but senseless people every now and then want to take away their chance at shabby existence and the opportunity to eat their favorite food, did you guessed what I mean?? Of course it is brains. These games have diverse universe there are such games as Zombie shooting games, Zombie arcade, puzzles, strategies and much more. We are constantly adding new games to this section.

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So back to our rotting corpse, which are dragging their feet and do not give rest to people who are still alive. This genre appeared long ago, but the story itself and the first mention so engraved in our minds that everyone knows what to do in case of an apocalypse caused by evil dead. Shoot them in head or crush them into small pieces. Anything can turn into a weapon, whether it is an ax or a machine gun, or a crossbow, or an armored car with a good engine or a simple baseball bat. Everyone played or watched movies about zombies, we know since childhood what they look like and behave. Many of you even imagined what they would do if a zombie apocalypse began, where would you escape and were to look for a weapon to fight soulless bodies devoid of consciousness. So don’t hesitate and start playing best zombie games right now.

You will have to destroy hordes of walking dead without hesitation, killing them by hundreds, and sometimes thousands, with each new murder you will make the world cleaner from this evil. And you can increase your skill points with different types of weapons. But in rare cases, you will not only play against the zombies, but for them and you will hate people who persecute you.

There is a game in which zombies are fighting with the plants. Plants vs Zombies is another branch of the subject. In it you have to contend with plants that want to destroy them, you will have to show considerable skill in order to win this game.

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This genre has a lot of fans around the world. People like to cosplay this topic and some great movies have been shot about walking dead. There are games in which you will have to rush with fight through crowds of zombies in a post-apocalyptic car. You will be able to improve wheels, engine, put stronger armored steel, turbines and various weapons like machine guns and missiles, saws and flamethrowers. In other words there is no limit to walking dead games out there.

We would not recommend playing games of this genre to young children. But apparently the extermination of zombies is in our blood from birth. And sooner or later child grows up and begins its glorious mission of cleaning the world from walking dead.

Don’t get bored alone invite a friend to play with you. Two player zombie games is something extraordinary but extremely interesting. Every walking dead game is both fun you and your friends, shouldn’t miss a chance to hang out together and have a good time.