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Puzzle Games

Puzzles appeared not so long ago, but they gained popularity rather quickly. This fun board games has become a great leisure for many people. You can play free puzzle games alone or with your whole family, it is a great alternative to television. Gradually regular jigsaw puzzles were substituted by more accessible and cheaper online puzzle games. They only became more colorful, more convenient and more diverse after all. The subjects depicted on them have no limits. Often they are images of characters from cartoons, comic books and tales. Adults can enjoy landscapes, reproductions of famous paintings or fantastic images. Also, there are pictures of beautiful women, cars and cartoons. Dimensions are very different: from small to large, as well as there can be very few pieces for kids or a lot for adults. Some of them might take weeks to put together. Pieces come in all sorts of shapes they can be complex and of unusual configuration. Word puzzle games are also among popular ones. Everyone enjoys them, both adults and younger generation.

What puzzle online are there?

Most puzzles are time consuming, so your speed is essential. This means that the faster you put pieces of the picture to the right place the better your results will be. Most games have levels of difficulty. The simpler the level the less pieces there are and less time you will need to put the picture together. Sophisticated levels are for true professionals. In some games, you need to drag and drop the pieces to the right places and there are those in which you set the correct pattern by clicking on already existing image. Still sometimes you can choose, whether you want to see the limits or not. In many games there is a help button (question mark). Jigsaw puzzle games for children are characterized by their simplicity and small number of pieces. So anyone can find puzzle online to his or her liking.

What to expect from puzzle games online?

The rules are universal for both children and adults. Start with pieces that go along edges and only then select pieces in the middle. To distinguish pieces for corners and edges is very simple - they always have clean lines and it is the main feature to recognize them.

What does puzzle games online give us? Naturally, it is the pleasure of accomplishment of the task. Developing of motor skills of hands, the notion that a single piece can be a part of holistic picture, from the small piece to the overall image (development of spatial thinking). Gradually putting together puzzles will become your favorite leisure, your passion. You'll notice improvements of your memory, imagination, concentration, attention. Start now and travel to entertaining and very interesting world of puzzle game.

Who invented puzzle game?

One of the oldest forms of art is mosaic. It appeared back in the ancient East. A lot of walls, windows, furniture, floors, doors and boxes were decorated with mosaic and well preserved till our days. Variety of materials were used in mosaic, like stones, pieces of wood, smalt (stained glass), precious and semi-precious stones, shells and other materials. Mosaic was used as decoration of palaces, temples, icons and fountains, most often on the mythical and religious themes. Work of creating pictures made from little pebbles is very time-consuming. Centuries later in 1761 in England seller of geographical maps decided to cut maps into pieces and glue them to wooden panels from expensive wood. In addition to maps there was geographical information about place on the picture added to the bottom part. Children loved this innovation, they were very enthusiastic and such a game at the same time simplified the study of geography, but it was very expensive to produce those early puzzle.

In 19th century puzzles were made of cardboard, which led to their popularity, as they have become more affordable, but they were considered fun for adults only. People loved the game and it became very popular in the world. At some point people even began to compete in speed while playing this game. Especially fascinating were the team competitions. When teams collected pictures puzzles on a large scale.

Nowadays such entertainment is free of charge. Some sites charge a fee per game, but with us board games online are available for free. They are spread all over the world in huge quantities. And you can play them without a problem, having at your disposal a computer or mobile device and Internet access. Spend your time with benefit, practice your speed in putting together online games and become a little smarter. Free puzzles are waiting for you!