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Angry Birds Games

Angry birds are so popular that it will be almost impossible to find a person who never heard about this game. This is not just a game, it has become a common name. It first appeared as an application for mobile devices, but later PC version was released. The plot of this game is very simple and easy to remember, maybe it's one of the key factors that have led this game to such a stunning success. And it's not just words. Since release of the game back in 2009, total of 500 million copies were downloaded and installed on computers and mobile devices. And it is still popular. Around 30 million people play it daily. The figures are really impressive. Thanks to AB it has never been so easy to play and to have fun.

The plot of Angry birds game

The idea of ​​the Angry birds game is quite simple but perfectly imprints in the memory and you want to play it over and over again, passing level after level. It's about two enemy clans: the birds and the pigs. And they became so hostile to each other because of serious reasons the pigs liked the taste of omelette from eggs of their feathered counterparts and they started stealing bird’s eggs. Our heroes without hesitation declared war on pigs. And it lasts until now on your phones and computers.

Green pigs are very sly, they build their own shelters, sometimes they are really well-designed fortresses. They use both fragile materials such as glass and ice and strong ones like wood and stone. And they hide really nice, rarely staying in sight without cover. In these buildings, they sometimes hide stolen eggs. Such behavior is simply unacceptable, so the birds have organized militia. They gather in groups to attack nasty pigs. They use their bodies as projectiles to attack shelters where pigs are hiding in. Instead of a canons they use giant slingshots.

At each new level you are given a certain number of birds. Your task is to stretch the rubber band slingshot (to adjust force) and to aim the bird at the shelter of pigs. After every shot there will be a track of trajectory left on the screen, which will allow you to adjust your next shot, if the first one was not successful. Some versions have automatic adjustments, which greatly simplifies the task. If you hit the “sweet spot”, you can destroy the whole building in one shot and kill all the pigs at once. The victory will be credited only in the case of complete extermination of all the representatives of pig race on the level. So any of game of the series is just virtually endless fun.

Angry Birds online and their classification

Birds of feather flock together, but there are different kinds of birds. You can distinguish them by colors and by their abilities. The most common of all is red bird or simply Red - has no special abilities. The Blues is a small blue bird, that during a shot by pressing on it can be divided into three birds and thus causes, though weak, but triple harm. Next there is a yellow feathered bird named Chuck, who is able to accelerate. Black bird Bomb - explodes, Matilda (white bird) - throws white eggs around her, green bird with large beak works like a boomerang. Big Brother - is feathery older brother of Red. Orange bird called Bubbles inflates like a balloon when the player taps on it. Effective against any building. And finally the mighty eagle is the most formidable representative of birds. It will help immediately pass the level, or rather skip it, but it is worth the money. Of course, this is not the whole list of Angry birds online, but this are the most common of them, all of them can be found in the very first original version.

What else to expect from Angry birds

In general, the minimum number of bird in a squad that attacks the pigs is three. But there may be six or more, depending on the complexity of the level. If you managed to smash the artiodactyls and you still have fighters left, then for each of them you will get an additional 10 thousand points.

For each game you get a certain number of points. You get points for killing a pig (5000 for one) and for the destruction of objects on the map. Points will be an indicator of your success, it has star equivalents (three is the best you can score). In addition to that you can play Angry birds for free on our website.

Angry birds Seasons and other

As was mentioned earlier, the developers create new versions of the game and improved old episodes. We will talk about three basic ones, which are available on the PC.

The first one we will look at is Angry Birds Seasons. In fact, it is not much different from the original game, but it has 8 wonderful game variations added to it. It includes variety of seasonal holidays that we all love so much. Here you can find such remarkable celebrations as Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year etc.

Then comes Angry Birds Rio. As you might know the plot of the game closely intertwined with the popular cartoon. Favorite characters are kidnapped and locked in the cages. They are transported to Rio de Janeiro, where the story will unfold. Our heroes find out about this crime and they become furious nothing can stop them now. Fans of the cartoon will meet their favourite character Tyler "Blu" Gunderson and his friend Jewel in this game. This time you will have to punish monkey too, who are no better than pigs.

And finally - Angry Birds Space. Based on the name you can realize that the action here takes place in outer space. Of course, due to the fact that everything is very different in space the game underwent significant changes. Your enemies are on separate planets from the birds. Around planets gravity acts differently, so you will need to get used to a new way of targeting. Birds themselves were changed, there are some newcomers and some old ones were removed.

Play Angry birds and you will love it. You won’t be able to stop until you finish all the levels. So do not waste your time and start playing right now.