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Shopaholic Milan

Shopaholic Milan

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How to play

Shopaholic Milan Game Controls Use mouse to play this game

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It is high time to go to the fashion shopping capital of the world Milan and to rock it. Unbelievable style of clothing are already waiting for you, time to spend some virtual money.

Shopaholic Milan game is fun

In the beginning of shopaholic milan game, you will have an opportunity to choose your character from six beautiful girls. All of them are unique and have different features. After that, you can give her name, age, zodiac sign etc. After all that you will appear in the streets of Milan, famous for the excellent taste, concentration of good food and fashion boutiques.

Shopaholic Milan Shopaholic Milan game shopaholic milan

Now it is your time to be in the shoes of Italian fashionista and spend money left and right. Once you purchased an outfit - go home into dressing room and try it on. If you don’t like it you can sell it, but for less money.

Make money while in Shopping in Milan

Game Shopping in Milan offers you a huge variety of clothing, hairstyles, hats, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, sunglasses and jewelry. You can even buy a pet. If you want something more personal, you can order a T-shirt in advance. There is a large variety of goods, but money run out quickly, so you have to go to work. There are only three options: work as model for 120$ an hour, as waiter in a coffee shop 60$ for 10 minutes, or deliver pizza 20$ for 2 minutes.

Game Shopping in Milan what you need to know

Every time you go shopping in Milan you have to rely on your luck. Every day only once a day you will be getting an opportunity to spin a Wheel of Fortune to win the unique outfit, that is not for sale in any store. There is a Fortune Fashion store in the game, where you can buy hidden items, like clothes, cosmetics and accessories. Slot machine is also available for $ 20, you can try your luck and win an unusual outfit. Sometimes in the street you can find a purse with money, which is rare, but nice.

Also don’t forget about discounts and special offers that are rare and don’t last long. Don’t hesitate if you want to get good outfits cheaper.

Another great feature of shopping game is pictures. There are specially marked places on mini-map, where you can take a picture. Those pictures are stored in your album. It is also interesting to discover new background image collections. You need to perform certain tasks to collect your items.

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