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Shopaholic Maldives

Shopaholic Maldives

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How to play

Shopaholic Maldives Games Use mouse

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In this game you can expect a long process of rehabilitation in order to help the girl to find herself and her individual style. Use all available tools and cosmetics which are suppose to fix everything that might be wrong.

You will love Shopaholic Maldives game

Before going to the beach you need to look good, our heroine is a real shopaholic, she has a lot of things in her wardrobe. In this case you will need to visit the beauty salon, it is necessary to apply various useful procedures and to come up with a wonderful makeup. Start the game and battle with skin, face and eyebrows problems.

ShopaholicShopaholic game MaldivesPlay Shopaholic Maldives

The game Shopaholic Maldives begins with the preparation for recreation on the beach, there is only you and the main character. On the screen, on the right and left side, there are various devices and cosmetics, they will help you achieve the ultimate goal and create the beautiful image. You will have to use all available means, this way you will get experience and will learn to perform similar tasks. To begin with the girl needs to have two floral masks, this will help to cleanse the skin. Then she should get rid of the terrible acne. Then you need to properly pull out the eyebrows, you will use tweezers for this. Nourishing mask needs to stay on for quite some time, but it needs to be washed off at the right time, the clock will help you with timing. After all the procedures the face will be clean, now you can start applying the makeup.

After all those complex procedures come the pleasant ones, you will love the assortment of cosmetics. Lipstick is one of the main details of the future image. There are nine shades, from gentle-peach to bright violet. Beautiful mascara with sparkles and without, carefully consider all the options. Do not forget to use eyeliner and to take care of the eyelashes. Make the eyes bright and expressive. There is an opportunity to choose the shape of the eyebrows, in this case rely on your own taste. Apply blush and makeup is finished. Our heroine already looks great, but it's not over yet.

Perfect shopping game for girls

When you are done with all the tasks, our shopaholic does not mind looking into the wardrobe and dressing up before going to the beach. It is high time for the new shopping games. Light clothes and beautiful summer accessories will perfectly suit our model. Make an excellent hairstyle. Flowers in blond curls look very good. The choice of clothes is simply impressive. Dresses and swimsuits are available in a huge range and in different colors. Try to make the heroine look like a native of beautiful islands, a dress with palm leaves is perfect in this case. Look at all the jewelry. There are necklaces made of pearls or gold and not only. You will definitely like one of many products. You can wear sunscreen or any other glasses, they will create the desired image. After all the changes, our fashionista gets to the beach, where she can be photographed. Save the picture to your computer and show it to your friends. Try to create several beach images using the game Shopaholic Maldives.

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