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Shopaholic: Models

Shopaholic: Models

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How to play

Shopaholic Models Controls Use mouse to play this game

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What little princess never dreamed about catwalk? That is right now you have a chance to have your own fashion show and to dive deep into the world of style and performance.

Shopaholic games is what you will like

Many girls dream of becoming models, when they grow up. This is not surprising, because they are famous, successful and stand out for their beauty. They are role models. You can live a little of their lives by playing Shopaholic games. Of course, we can not say that this is the best simulation of model’s life but still, it's a fairly good game. With nice gameplay where you can spend couple of days playing.

Shopaholic: Models game Shopaholic: Models online shopaholic models

In the game everything happens just like in the other games of the series. You choose your own model, buy her clothes, choose hairstyles, makeup items, change the character in the locker room and go to work. You need to work for several reasons. First and foremost, of course to get the money to go shopping. But there are other trophies that you can get from work. They can be used to purchase additional themes for photo shoots, they are available in the collection section.

How to make money Shopaholic online

The most highly paid job in Shopaholic online is of course job of a model. It can be found on the mini-map. In the studio Pretty pictures you will get 600$ for 30 minutes of work. For 10 minute shift in the Vital vitamins cafe as a waitress you will get paid 400$ and three cherries. 2 minutes in the Fit 'n Fab will bring you 200$ and 3 dumbbells for fitness. While you are working, you will not be able to buy anything and to play on the slot machine. If you urgently need money, you can search for lost purses on the streets or sell something from your wardrobe.

Shopaholic Models game is fun

Suggested assortment of clothes in the game can quickly become boring. Unique clothes that are not available at the stores can be won on the slot machines. Also you can open new outfit at the Wheel of Fortune fashion (1 per day). There is also Fortune Fashion auction, where they sell hidden items. You find out what you’ve purchased after you pay for it.

Do not forget to fill your album with beautiful pictures. You have to enjoy Shopaholic models game.

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