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Shopaholic Hollywood

Shopaholic Hollywood

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How to play

Shopaholic Hollywood Controls Use mouse to play this game

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American West Coast is the place of beautiful beaches, pretty women and some unbelievable shopping. And in this game you have to conquer LA.

Shopaholic Hollywood game is fun

In this Shopaholic: Hollywood game, your character is a Hollywood star, success and fame is in your hands. You can select your character from the suggested models, choose her name, age and zodiac sign. The selected model can always be changed to any other.

Shopaholic Hollywood Shopaholic Hollywood game Shopaholic in Hollywood

Like all celebrities, your character will go to parties, will be photographed by the magazine agents on the streets, as well as she will be invited to photo shoots in the studios. And for all this you will be rewarded with money, which you can spend on new outfits, makeup, hairstyle and pink stars that will buy you accessories and cosmetics.

Play Shopaholic Hollywood

To visit a specific event, first you must find out what dress code was approved for the party. Each outfit corresponds to different styles (vintage, music, school, strict, romantic, etc.), as well as take into consideration the color of your clothes.

For visiting such an event, you will get a star, they will help your reputation. After collecting certain amount of stars you will move on to a next level.

Play Shopaholic Hollywood at its 3 locations: Wilshire Boulevard, where you start the game, Hollywood Boulevard is available after you reach level 3, as well as Rodeo Drive will only open after level 5.

Play shopping and open a lot of achievements. Some achievements will give you extra stars and money. Sometimes you will receive unusual prizes such as pets and various items of clothing.

Play what makes you happy

This game has tons of outfits to offer, but money can be a problem. You can always earn money, but you can also find lost purses on the street, which of course is rare. You can work at a tour agency on Wilshire Boulevard or make money from paparazzi on Hollywood Boulevard . But you can work only once a day, which is very unfortunate. To save money you need to visit stores with discounts. Some products are limited, they appear and disappear and if you do not buy them, then somebody else will.

In Hollywood shopping games there is an unusual way to get clothes. In the casino slot machines you pay 40$ per attempt and if you're lucky you can win a unique clothing. Also there is something like Wheel of Fortune, where you can win an outfit for cheap. This game is 100% of positive emotions.

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