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Shopaholic: Paris

Shopaholic: Paris

: 2413

How to play

Shopaholic: Paris Controls Use mouse to play this game

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за покупками в париж

Play Shopaholic with style

The first thing to do in Shopaholic Paris is to choose the appearance of your character and give it her a name. You can choose from three models. Then you get on the street, full of fashion boutiques and shops with different styles. It can be punky style shop or the elegant and refined boutique. Only you decide what your character will look like and what clothes to buy.

To Play Shopaholic is fun, because you can change the appearance of your character, you can go to hair stylist and change colour of the hair for example. Unfortunately you can not put makeup on your heroine. But there is a large selection of shoes, clothes, bags and accessories like chains and earrings.

Paris games are fun

Making money in the Shopaholic Paris games is very difficult. You receive them on daily bases as regular transfers or find them on the street, that does not happen often enough. So this is why this game teaches some valuable life lessons on working process and how to spend money the smart way. Make sure to plan all your purchases and try to avoid spontaneous shopping. Follow simple rules and you will achieve a lot.

You can try your clothes on in the wardrobe and sell them, if needed. You can also take a picture for memory. Play this shopping game have fun and remember Shopaholic: Paris is not the only game of a kind. We have a lot of games from this series represented on our site. Make sure to try them all as hence the similarities they all are different with something special to each of them. Discover the full potential of the series.

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