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Shopaholic: London

Shopaholic: London

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How to play

Shopaholic: London Use mouse to play this game

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Finally, the time has come for you to conquer capital of England - London. But in this case you have to impress everyone with your unique style.

Shopaholic London game

Shopaholic London game begins, as any other game of the series. You need to choose one of three girls, although in the future they can always be changed. Then comes up with the name, age and specify her Zodiac sign. After a short briefing, you will learn how to buy clothes for a specific dress code, go to parties and to earn star for all this. You need stars to open achievements, also with them you can buy things that are not for sale for money.

Shopaholic: London game Shopaholic: London game Play Shopaholic: London

In the city you have three streets immediately available for you: but many shops located there, open only after you reach a certain level.

Financial part of London games

There would be no problems, if not for the constant need to make money to buy new clothes. After all to attend an event, you need to buy appropriate clothing, and that is where the problems come from it is much easier to spend money than to make it. As everybody loves London games. But it is an expansive city where clothes are pricey.

Every day you will receive cash transfers or you can go to work. There are three types of jobs: you can work one hour shift as a waitress in the Afternoon Tea cafe for 600$, or in the Royal Pet Stylist salon, animals stylist and gets paid 400$ for 20 minutes, there is also a Fashion Buyer position - 200 $ for 2 minutes. You can work only once a day, and no shopping is allowed while at work.

For some achievements in Shopaholic London you will get money prize, but only once. For example, you can quickly get $ 500 just for the fact that you make the character a complete makeover and will wear accessories. In the extreme cases you can walk around the streets and look for lost purses. Generally, you will find 20$ to 100$ but it is rather rare. And If you really screwed then you sell some of your stuff, but very cheap.

What is worth remembering in this shopping game

Do not miss the opportunity to visit limited sales offers in stores. Sometimes you can buy something for half the price in this shopping game! Some costumes are available for purchase only within the specified time frames, so do not miss your chance. In order not to lose time, while looking for the right store you’d better study the map.

Shopaholic London offers you a wish list so that you don’t forget anything. Use index to quickly find clothes for dress code.

As in other Shopaholic games, there is a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. You can turn the wheel once a day, But for 40$ per try you can spin the wheel again. Also you have an album, so fill it up with your own party photos etc.

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