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Shopaholic Beach Models

Shopaholic Beach Models

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How to play

Shopaholic Beach Models Controls Use mouse to play this game

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We hope you are ready for the shopping of your lifetime. Why not practice in online styling and purchasing of some cool stuff. Time to show the world who’s got style.

Shopaholic Beach is a place to be

At the beginning of Shopaholic beach game you see a map with your house, place of work and a lot of shops. Some locations are locked, you need to raise your level to visit such places.

Shopaholic Beach Models gameShopaholic Beach Models onlineShopaholic Beach Models game

At home you can dress up your model with clothes from wardrobe. All purchases arrive to your home to your wardrobe, clothes you don’t need can be sold in second-hand. There are a lot get-togethers on the beach, each of them has its own dress code. You can raise your level at such celebrations, but you needs to look accordingly. You will receive messages with invitations and dress codes. Go shopping in Shopaholic: beach models game and follow the instructions, create stunning outfit for yourself. You know how to get to the party, but what about the money?

Play Shopaholic: Beach Models game

You can make money by selling drinks and ice creams. On the map there is a minivan labeled "Ice Cream", fill up the orders of clients and you will get payed. Look at the orders, there are a specific requests written in each of them. Take a cup for the ice-cream or a refreshing drink, add a straw or an umbrella, decorate it with available ingredients, people love berries and fruits. If you don’t make any mistakes in the order, then you get paid 40$ in this game for each mistake you will be fined.

Play Shopaholic Beach Models

This is very original game, except for dressing models you will have a lot of things to do. Attend parties, buy new clothes and earn money. Features of Shopaholic: beach models are very delightful, do makeup for your character and follow the sales in local shops. Some really useful things can be found on the streets, be attentive and try to click on all the items on the screen. Controls are carried with the mouse. Play Shopaholic Beach models for good mood and positive emotions and to become a real fashionista.

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