Shopaholic New York - free online shopping game in New York
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Shopaholic: New York

Shopaholic: New York

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How to play

Shopaholic New York Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Oh my god, New York is not only one of the greatest cities in the world it is also famous for its sense of style and incredible fashion. And now it is your opportunity to virtually visit this cool place and show everyone who’s got style.

Captivating Shopping in New York game

At the beginning of the game you have to make a choice between 6 girls with different appearances. Then you go to the streets of New York, which are full of shops, boutiques, Beauty salons, etc. Buy your favorite outfits and go to the dressing rooms, where you can try on new things for your character. There you will be able to sell what you didn’t like.

Shopaholic New York Shopaholic: New York game Shopaholic: New York

In Shopaholic in New York game you can buy all kinds of makeup, hairstyle and a huge variety of clothes. Also you can buy accessories and shoes.

To make money, you need to go to work. You have several types of jobs available, you can work as a waitress in a cafe, shift lasts for 2 minutes in return you will get paid 45$. It is also possible to work as a Top Model - 70$ for 10 minutes. The most profitable option is law firm 115$ for 2 hours. While you work, you can not make purchases.

What it’s like to play shopping New York

A distinctive feature of the game shopaholic in New York is that there are no slot machines, so you can not win a prize as in all other parts of the series. But here you can still spin Wheel of Fortune, once a day and you can get lucky and win unique prizes.

In this particular shopping game you can buy a pet from a pet store, in many games from the series you could only get a pet after achieving a new level.

Yet do not forget to make wonderful pictures on the background of game in New York. This option is available in special places, where there are images of the camera. Go ahead and play shopping New York game.

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