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Road of Fury

Road of Fury

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How to play

Road of Fury Controls Use mouse to shoot and 1, 2, 3 keys - special weapon.

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What is interesting Road of Fury game

The objective of the Road of Fury game is quite simple, you need to get to the end of the level. Indicator of movement is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. But easier said than done. On the way you will meet hordes of evil enemies.

Road of Fury road of fury Road of Fury

They will appear both on the ground and in the air. Starting from the most innocuous motorcyclists to gunners in the back of a pickup trucks. You'll have to shoot through armor of heavy trucks and shoot the soldiers in the trucks. But at the same time you need not to forget about flying warriors, though they are not as scary as self-guided drones and helicopters. Also, you will have warhead issues, they need to be destroyed before they are aimed at you.

How to play Road of Fury

How you gonna fight your enemies? Five categories, three cars in each one, so you will be given a choice of fifteen vehicles. In addition to selecting only one car, which will go into battle against the bad guys, you can add another cars to convoy. Therefore, it is much more fun to play Road of Fury as well as you become a nightmare for your opponents. Every car in Road of Fury can be upgraded, and it can be done by three parameters. The first is the main weapon, the main means of protection from the enemy. The second is a special skill, inherent only to a particular machine, and the third parameter is the strength, that is how long you will be able to withstand the attack before your transport breaks. You can build a whole strategy around your cars, because some of them are meant to protect when others are meant to attack.

Good reaction and strategy is what is useful to you in the Road Rage games. Proper use of super weapons, the destruction of a more powerful enemy at first place and the selection of convoy will increase your chances of winning. You will become a true terminator of all the enemies on your way, make them shiver in fear.

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