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Desktop Racing 2

Desktop Racing 2

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How to play

Desktop Racing 2 Controls Use arrow keys to control the car. Z - turbo, space - jump.

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How to play Desktop Racing 2 game

Desktop Racing 2 game is original and exciting. Play both single race and championship ones against rivals. You will collect coins during races, then you can buy new cars and improvements. You will also need to improve the performance and buy bonuses, which are available in the shop section.

Desktop Racing 2desktop racingDesktop Racing 2 game

Spend your coins on improvements of your car. Health shows strength of your car, the more health you have the stronger is your vehicle. Press Z to use your boost or turbo, it will help you to speed up really fast. Use arrow for gas and brake and to control the balance. Do cool stunts and at the same time perform the task given in the beginning of the level. All races are divided into locations, there are 6 of them and they have different characteristics. Visit parks, with the beautiful lawns and even the supermarket full of goods. It's very fun, even when you are turned over, it is possible to get back on wheel. Along the way we will have to interact with a bunch of different things, and some should be avoided because they will slow you down or you will get stuck. The physics in Desktop Racing 2 is pretty good, so it makes it easy to play.

Desktop Racing 2 games are fun

24 race of Z Desktop Racing 2 games is the hardest. You can buy 4 different cars, the last one is called Monstro and it is the best one. Try to buy the best transport you can afford, or you will not win the race. The success of races depends on proper use of jumps and acceleration in the right situations. Learn to skillfully manage and respond quickly, then you certainly will succeed.

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