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Renegade Racing

Renegade Racing

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How to play

Renegade Racing Game Controls Use arrow keys or WASD keys to play this game.

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Renegade Racing

This game is fascinating each track has a lot of hills, slopes and obstacles. You need to perform flips while jumping and be awarded with bonuses. Every trick gives acceleration to your car. The more flips you make, the more money you get. After every race you can improve the car or buy a new one. Be the best. Show what you are capable of.

Renegade Racing game for true fans of speed

Eighteen challenging and at the same time different levels will get you excited. 12 different cars will please every motorist. There are plenty of upgrades available for your car in the game. You will gradually earn money for participation in the races. Always available to improve top speed, brakes, turbo, tire grip, acceleration, jumping and so on. Do not neglect upgrades, they give a very big boost of power, speed and agility. With the improvements it is easier to do tricks, flips, for which you receive turbo boost. Upgrade of turbo will allow to store and accumulate more nitrogen. Grip and acceleration will give you a head start when you want to get ahead without losing time. Maximum speed improvement the will come in handy on the straight sections of the route. Jumping is also a very important factor, as they help to overcome small obstacles without paying them any attention. Time is another factor that should be considered. As you progress through levels of Renegade Racing game you will need to perform the tasks. On each level there are two tasks, you need to finish on a certain position or higher and perform a series of tricks and quests. Levels of this game are really exciting. In some task you will have to pick up people on the bus and in the other you will drive an ice cream van. On another level of Renegade Racing game you will need to crash snowmen. Play Renegade Racing the way you want, you can finish tasks one by one or all at the same time. Take into account the fact that each level requires a special vehicle that will meet the level requirements.

This game is joy for the speedhunters

Renegades Racing does not become boring. You can expect two pleasant surprises, namely DeLorean and Bugatti, these cars are perfect, they have unique and stunning design, speed characteristics and maneuverability. You will get new cars not for money but for the walkthrough of the game. There is also a color change option, unfortunately few colors to choose from and they cost some money, but money is not a problem here. Make plenty of tricks to improve and buy new cars and enjoy the game.

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