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Street Race

Street Race

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How to play

Street Race Gaem Controls Use Arrow keys to drive. "X" - boost.

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Street Race game made to enjoy

In the beginning of Street Race game you will find only one car and one track available, try to reach the finish line first to get the maximum reward. Do not be discouraged if you can not do it, even for the last place you will be given $ 50.

Spend all the money to improve the car, then the game will be more interesting. You can increase the maximum speed, grip, acceleration and increase boost duration. Each subsequent improvement will be more expensive than the previous one, so try to occupy the highest position at the end of race. As the game progresses you will open another three cars and five tracks. New cars are much faster and have better handling. For participating in open races you will get more money.

Street RaceStreet Race gameStreet Race online

Features of Street Race Online

You will find a fascinating and exciting adventure on the streets of a big city at night. Ten brave men ready to compete for the top prizes, show all your skills on the road. Not only victory will prove your skill. This game has loads of achievements. Get rewards while driving, they will be pleasant and unexpected. There are achievements for fast walkthrough of the level or another for walkthrough of a track using no acceleration. You can an airborne achievement for jump into the air. You can get awarded for many different things.

Despite the large number of tasks on the road, it is very easy to play Street Race. Use the keyboard to control your car, just five buttons will help you become a winner. Press arrow "up" for gas and arrow "down" to brake. X button will make your car accelerate. Be careful on the road after collision the car loses its speed. Become the best driver, open all cars and tracks in Street Race.

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