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King of Drift

King of Drift

: 2001

How to play

King of Drift Controls Use arrow keys to play this game R - to return back on track.

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King of drift is a great racing game that can last for more than an one. Huge number of cars, different rivals and six racing tracks is what makes it great. All this in order to decide who is actually the King of drift. Prepare for the smell of burnt tires and a loud whistling noise at the corners. Your opponents are real professionals, they will make the game very exciting, you have to deserve the victory!

King of Drift game is a masterpiece

The King of Drift game is a great entertainment in your browser for free and it does not require registration. A fascinating adventure on an automotive theme. Everyone remembers the NFS and the famous drift mode? All this needs to be repeated now. Unlike the PC version of the game with a similar mode, in this race all applicants for the victory are simultaneously participating.

Earn points, for passing the trails at various levels of difficulty. This allows you to open new events. Look for cars available, their number also depends on the number of points earned.

King of DriftKing of Drift gameKing of Drift

Play King of drift online for free

Do not hesitate and play king of drift right now. Various discoveries warm up interest in this game. This is the real kingdom of drifters. A skilled opponent will be able to earn 10,000 points in just a few turns. You need a lot of drifting, in case of success, without collisions and accidents, you get points. To win, you need to earn the most points. Do not think that you can simply and slowly go through the turns one by one. After one of the riders finishes, everyone else starts to lose points. Therefore, you need to find the harmony between the speed of movement and the number of points. You can not lag behind half the circle. This lag is quite capable of depriving you of the whole earned advantage. Increase your skills and earn a huge number of points. Go through several turns in one breath, do not let the drift session break off. A great app is not for one evening. Fight with yourself and constantly raise the bar. A huge charge of adrenaline and a sea of ​​unforgettable sensations you are provided. The world of fast cars is very amazing, try to find yourself in it. This application will really help people who want to cope with this kind of task.

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