Pirate race | Race as pirates on the ships
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Pirate Race

Pirate Race

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How to play

Pirate Race Game Controls W, A, S, D or arrow keys - movements, Space - fire.

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Pirate race is an awesome game in which there are all elements of racing competitions and many features unusual for this genre. You are the captain of a pirate ship and the only thing you need is gold! A lot of brave people gathered on the sea and they are ready to start! The treasure island will become the arrival point for all the crews! The first ship to get to the shore, becomes the winner and the owner of the chest with gold. In this kind of conditions, you need to become the best at all levels!

Pirate race game it is time to try something unusual

Thispirate racing game is something special! Only the best captains will reach the finish line. The evil fate can play a bad joke with you! You will always start the competition while surrounded by the rivals, this means that the you will be shot at from both sides, so beware of that. Did you think the pirates do not do their own thing during such competitions? They attack with cannon and if you will properly arrange the work of the oarsmen you are on the right path to success. Arrange real sea battles and come out as winner from all of them!

Pirate RacePirate Race gamePirate Race online

Before the start of the first race, you will see a short instruction, it will teach you the proper shooting technique and controls. The rowers need to be rhythmic, and try to shoot ahead, then the opponents will not have a chance. Be a real strategist even in this business you need to think, it's not enough just to swim quickly. After each check-in you will have the opportunity to tackle pirates. You will be able to buy new weapons and improve the characteristics of the ship it is an important condition for successful performance. Increase the speed and deadly power of the ship!

Features of pirate water race

This original game will appeal to all the fans of the genre of adventure! To be the captain of the ship in dangerous waters is your task and in such conditions, you need to demonstrate extraordinary skills. Other captains can destroy the ship right at the start, in which case you will see your crew drowned. This unpleasant sight should be prevented at all costs. Gold will motivate you, find out how much the pirate cost! Excellent mood and a lot of pleasant memories you are guaranteed, everyone should try themselves in the role of profit seeker! You will definitely like this experience, this game is pretty addictive!

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