Train Mania
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Train Mania

Train Mania

: 171

How to play

WASD or arrows - movement.

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Train Mania is a game that can surprise you and leave only the best memories of yourself. Imagine yourself as a cool driver in a train and a courier with the delivery of various bulk goods. Start the game and a transport selection menu will appear in front of you, these will be two copies, the worst of the class. It is necessary to start from something, so choose the blue train and go to the destination. Why blue? Its characteristics are superior to those of the old green fellow. See the control instructions and start to pick up speed, at the beginning you won't have to go long, stop at the indicated place and get the load. The integrity of the cargo is responsible for almost everything in this game, if it is lost or spoiled it will be necessary to start the level again. The first thing you need to get three barrels, set the car exactly under the conveyor, get the goods and start. The first descent can be a barrier to be overcome, do not pick up a huge speed in such places. Quiet and measured riding - the key to success, but in some cases, you can succumb to the coal in the furnace!

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