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Neon Race

Neon Race

: 2701

How to play

Neon Race Game Controls To play this game use keyboard and arrow keys, also use N, X and space.

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Neon Race

It is time for Neon Racing

The objective of the game, as of any race is to drive as fast as possible. But beyond that, you will need to collect money to buy improvement for the car and collect the bonus turbo for fast driving. There are also bonuses for crushing all red cars. What does it mean? You must destroy every red neon race car, by hitting it. It is also worth remembering that you need to avoid purple cars and yellow barriers. Of course, try to stay on the track, as you can break your car. Although the race does not end then.

Neon Racing game has following improvements: the maximum speed (makes the engine more powerful), acceleration (adds speed and the acceleration of the engine), brakes, steering (improves stability of the car in corners), turbo - increases boost acceleration. In addition to improvements to your car, you can open 8 different levels to play. Developers thought of plot in Neon Race game, so you do not get bored. In the game, in spite of its graphics you can enjoy different landscapes and roads. So you start from the broad highway and end up on narrow mountain roads.

Very cool and atmospheric game

Neon Racing games are easy and fun to play. If you understand the physics of the game you will enjoy it to the maximum, for example turbo acceleration will make your car faster, but will make it harder to turn. Purple cars in turns can knock you out of the track. So be careful and cautious. Enjoy the game of neon lights.

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