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Kikoriki Race

Kikoriki Race

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How to play

Kikoriki Race Controls Use arrow keys for movements.

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Kikoriki race is an application for everyone. Girls and boys can get behind the wheel of the car and choose their favourite hero. With each of them you have long been acquainted, funny ball-shaped characters often appear in the morning broadcasts of various TV channels. Young people, regardless of the kind of hobbies, sympathize with Kikoriki. Heroes of the animated series are very inquisitive, there is not a lot of them, so most viewers will find reflection of themselves in the images of cheer heroes.

Smeshariki race game is free

The game Gogoriki race will help spend time with fun. The mood instantly rises when you see friendly faces, no one knows why funny balls as racers cause such an effect. But it does work

Kikoriki RaceGogoriki racing gameplay kikoriki race

There are three race track to choose from, the difficulty of each of them increases. The first section does not contain sharp turns, you can train your driving in such conditions. You can play any of the characters in the animated series. Krash, Chiko, Wally, Carlin, Dokko, Barry, Pin, Olga and even Rosa, they are all ready to get into the car under your control. To all participants were in the same conditions for selecting cars, you can only change the color of the car. On your marks. Attention. Go!

Have fun playing Gogoriki racing online

Gogoriki race online play can be an infinite amount of time. Try to play each of the characters, perhaps you will be able to detect differences in the manner of driving. Determine the quickest driver on each track. Enjoy the driving. You need to try successfully complete the race. It is impossible to cut corners, driving off the road very much brakes the car. It is necessary to pass between the flags, only then you will be credited with passing the checkpoint. Light up the flags in the upper right corner of the game screen. They light up in the right order, so if the lights skipped one - it's time to return. Be attentive, it may be necessary to use aggressive driving style and push rivals. Imagine how much the driver will suffer, who was pushed out at full speed for the flag. Such tricks can only be performed by people with a lot of driving experience, otherwise you will suffer as a result of your maneuvers. Funny children's game will please not only kids. Adults also can drive, maybe the younger generation will now give a lesson to the older generation. In any case, races with Gogoriki are worth your attention.

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