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Wheely 4

Wheely 4

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How to play

Wheely 4 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 4 is a wonderful logic game

The poor fellow has a flat tire and so he went to the workshop, the repair went not as planned. There was a mistake and our character went to ancient times. Wow now that is a real downturn.

Our stunned hero saw his stone ancestors, you need to ask for help from the ancient cars and open the way. They know how to manage the oldest devices and can make a reliable way for a red car. As always it is easier sad than done, but you will be able to convince them to help you.

Wheely 4 Gameplay Wheely 4Wheely 4

Go through the levels and collect small batteries, you need them to fill one large battery in the lower right corner of the screen. The total energy will allow you to make a new jump in time and it will probably be a successful one. A mysterious cave will lead directly into the mouth of a huge dinosaur, you need to get out immediately from the belly of a glutton. The next thing to do is to visit the past century, steer the boat and solve intricate tasks. As you can see now Wheely 4 time travel have a hand full of traveling to do, but it is fun.

Our character could not miss the opportunity to travel into the future, he gained to much speed and crashed. But the real droid repaired and modernized our hero, Robo-Willie can fly now. Solve the unknown riddles of complex mechanisms and make the last trip, while the kind mechanic and did not even notice your long absence.

Wheely 4 online will test your logical thinking

Sixteen interesting levels tell us about different epochs, our hero can not succeed without your participation. Look at the features of the episodes, classical and modern mechanisms will block the way for the red little car. Think carefully and look around, you will certainly see how to get out of a difficult situation. Play wheely 4 for endless amounts of fun, the game will bring only useful experience and great mood.

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