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Wheely 5

Wheely 5

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How to play

Wheely 5 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 5 games - it is time to think a little bit

There was a disaster, the lawnmower of our hero broke down and the grass was not trimmed. The main character goes to search for a new lawnmower and needs your help. So begins a new and interesting adventure of a daredevil who is already familiar to us. I bet you haven’t played under the asteroid rain yet, but the red car should reach its goal.

Wheely 5Wheely 5 Gameplay wheely 5

Wheely could have bought the right thing in a special store, but the asteroid did a real mess and spoiled a lot of goods. News on TV was not comforting, a huge meteorite was approaching the Earth. Small stones destroyed the city, the journey of the red car continued in ruins. The last lawnmower in another store was snatched from our hero right on his eyes. The pursuit of the buyer to the port began, but the car with the lawnmower went to sea journey. To continue the trip you need to get on the ship, only this way you can approach the coveted goal.

Solve simple and complex logic tasks, work with various devices, Wheely 5 armageddon makes the player think a lot. You can expect unprecedented sea troubles, and the flooded hold will only be the first test of your wit. The laws of physics are fully implemented in this game series, so as the fifth part is an exception from the rules. Use your brain potential to the full and overcome the deadly danger.

It is very interesting to play Wheely 5

Pass the levels one by one, to do so you will need to think a little and to be attentive at all times. Try to click on the mechanisms on the level, understand how everything is arranged and only then you can pave the way out of the level. Control the game with the mouse, you don’t really need the keyboard. This brain game will be useful to you, the new wheely 5 online has become even more interesting and colorful.

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