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Wheely 6

Wheely 6

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How to play

Wheely 6 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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The new Wheely 6 fairytale will give you a lot of unprecedented opportunities, the interaction with the world has become even closer, now you need to study the levels in details and more often rely on your reaction. Some objects should not be activated. To go to the next level drag the necessary things from place to place and solve the puzzles.

Together with the beloved one, our hero went to the cinema, where they were going to watch an interesting romantic film about a kingdom. Everything was going just as usual, but the evil sorcerer intervened and teleported Wheely right into the fairytale world of the movie. Dumbfounded girlfriend was left alone and the red car will have to go a long and hard path to get out, it will not be easy.

Wheely 6Wheely 6 gameplay wheely 6

In the fantastic universe our hero met another car, who helped and repaired the wheel of our protagonist. In this situation, you need to move the wheel from place to place, this has not happened yet in this series of games. Next, you will face a real knightly duel the royal family will be the main persons at this event. You need to defeat the opponent, choose a sword, mace or spear. Try to finish the fight before it starts, it turns out it can be done just use the devices located around you. After the battle, the feast will be visited by the evil dragon, he will defeat the court magician and will steal the princess directly from the celebration. Now you will need to save the captive and defeat the villain. Do not hesitate and get right to business.

It is a rather difficult task to somehow get to meet the king, the guards control the castle and it's almost impossible to get through. Help Wheely 6 to stay unnoticed if you don’t outwit the guards you will fail. When the king will accept you he will promise a generous reward for his daughter. The magician will tell us where to look for the enemy and our hero immediately can go on a dangerous journey.

Wheely 6 online is really great

In the woods you will meet a robber, he will try to rob your character. You need to wake up a huge troll, who just does not like any kind of noise and where it might be coming from. Next you will find a line of cars, which will lead to the sword stuck in the stone. The most powerful and brave knights could not get an artifact out and now the turn of our daredevil has come. He was fortunate enough to do the impossible and the sword went to the hands of the most worthy challenger. The dragon already knows about the intentions of our character, so he destroyed the bridge under the wheels of the protagonist and got him into a trap. You will be able to get out only with the help of magic, you need to solve the mysterious rock carvings and escape the trap.

It is really fun play wheely 6 as the adventures never end. All levels are filled with various riddles, new opportunities will please you. During one of those crazy adventures our hero will get a chance to fly a dragon, which is really cool. And when all the tasks are fulfilled, our hero will return to the cinema. The game will give you the best memories. Be attentive and concentrated, then you will succeed and this part of the game deserves special attention.

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