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Wheely 2

Wheely 2

: 2528

How to play

Wheely 2 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 2

Do not rush while playing Wheely 2

Wheely 2 game is a real blockbuster that consists of sixteen levels and it is considered a logic game. Here everything is more spectacular and colorful than in the previous part. But all the laws of the genre are still present. Again you get into the interactive world of Wheely, where most of the items move and they can and should be controlled.

Your task is to pass all the levels of Wheely 2 and of course you will have to solve all sorts of puzzles. Think through all the actions in advance, do not make hasty decisions. Before you start study each level thoroughly and see what can be activated and used and what not. Only after a detailed study of the level begin to act. Although sometimes you need to make a mistake and start again to understand the solution of the level.

This game is really diverse and colorful

You will have to travel in the jungles and in the mountains you have to run away from the snowball and at the same time participate in the races. You have a lot of tasks to deal with. In his car dreams, our steel hero will reach his beloved by a short road through the airy islands. You will go to the venues both on your own and on the train. And how about the legend of the steel scrap thrown into the toilet of the moving train? This is exactly the game where you will be able to check it out. On the last levels, you will have to pass a test by hearing, as you will need to play a melody. In general, the variety of tasks wheely 2 online is really impressive, so you have to play it.

If you like to overcome difficulties and if you like games with good storyline, then play wheely 2 and you will not regret your decision. Of course, this game is more suitable for children than for adults. But due to some difficulties it will give at least half an hour of joy to you and your children. Logical thinking and good brain training have not harmed anyone yet. Time for the adventures, you must see the end of this beautiful story of love.

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