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Wheely 3

Wheely 3

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How to play

Wheely 3 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 3 online is a great puzzle game

If you miss the wanderings and various riddles, then Wheely 3 games will bring your the emotions you seek. And again he needs your help, as an expert on puzzles and just as a person ready who is ready to dive into interesting adventures. Get yourself situated and start playing.

At the beginning of the game Wheely 3 the main character will be kidnapped, so you will have to help him escape from prison. And then you need to slip away from the kidnappers unnoticed. You will have to solve the barley-break and other puzzles. Of course, the interactive world that this game is famous for has not disappeared anywhere. It will continue to please us with its appearance and and brightness.

Wheely 3Wheely 3 gamewheely 3

This car game really makes you think

The task of the Wheely car games is to solve various puzzles on all the levels of the game. All of them are quite logical and understandable, although sometimes you have to really think about it. At each level there will be items that can be moved or operated: different cranes, levers, etc. They will serve as clues for the next levels. Before starting the level thoroughly look at and study all the subjects. Determine which of them are interactive and which are not. Do not rush to make decisions, because the wrong step can lead to failing the level, but don’t worry it can always be replayed. Just get well prepared, start Wheely's motor and move forward.

The new part of the game turned out to be very interesting and saturated, in spite of only 12 levels. The whole game is made in the same style and theme as the previous parts. Therefore it is very interesting and exciting to play wheely 3. Of course this game is more suitable for children because of its cartoonishness, but some adults might get a hang of it too, as it is an excellent cure for boredom.

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