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How to play

Wheely 1 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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What is in Wheely 1 games

Wheely is a small car with a big heart and even bigger ambitions. When he found out about ongoing car races he immediately committed to start his adventures. Now he wants to take part in those races.

To get to the venue, you will need to overcome a lot of obstacles. Be ready to dodge sharp saws that will try to cut the car in half. Go out of sight surveillance cameras by hiding in boxes and many other things. Also run off with moving trucks at full speed. All this is within your power. You just have to believe.

Wheely wheely 1 Wheely game

Features Wheely 1

Wheely the car is a pretty interesting logic game. At first sight it may seem childish and simple, but in reality it is sometimes more difficult than it seems. Before starting a new level, it's better to study it thoroughly. There is no need to rush as just one simple mistake can prevent the walkthrough. The interactive world of Wheely 1 is what makes it a hit among online games. Play wheely to see its really cool interactive world that really makes this game a huge online hit.

All Wheely games consist of small short levels in which you will need to solve different kinds of puzzles. At some levels you need to be simply nimble and fast. Sometimes it will be necessary to synchronize the movements of the main character with what is happening on the screen. The whole world in the game is interactive, you will move different levers, push buttons, move objects, etc. Some actions in the game are obvious and others become obvious only after you perform the first action. The protagonist can move forward, stand still and slowly give back. All control is carried out on the mouse.

This game is suitable for anyone

Children and adults can Play wheely 1 and both will have equal fun. You can even choose the appearance of the main character. And then you will dive into difficult obstacles, chases from the police, underwater adventures, puzzle solving - all of that in this interesting game. Concentrate and be ready for the exciting adventures of little red car.

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