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Wheely 7

Wheely 7

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How to play

Wheely 7 Detective Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 7: Detective - are you all familiar with the main character of this beautiful series? Now the adventure will continue! Wheely traveled in time, fought with the dragon and participated in races. All this made our hero very smart and brave. Today's story concerns his savings and now you need to act like a real detective. Without your help he will fail so turn on your brains to the full and try to find a solution to this puzzle. The adventure promises to be fun and exciting.

Wheely 7 game is an excellent continuation of the series

Our hero red car went to the bank. The conditions offered by the employee of the financial institution satisfied the character and he deposited his money for storage. On the way home, the hero heard a loud sound, it was coming from the bank's alarm system. This could mean only one thing - the bank was robbed. Our hero returned to the scene and found one of the evidence, it was a broken license plate. This thing was lost by one of the bandits, at this point the detective investigation begins. Wheely will be the main detective, and you need to coordinate his actions. Having such a great team you will definitely find the guilty ones and will punish them.

wheely 7 detectiveplay wheely 7wheely 7

You will get to the secret room in Wheely 7 online on the third level. In that room there is a lot of equipment and information. On the images from the camera of the bank you can see silhouette of one of the bandits. At your disposal you will have the list with all the license plates numbers that have the same digits as on the plate found at the crime scene. Be smart and find the suspect by matching the plates. Next, the system will tell you the location of this object. It is necessary to check the information received. Coordinates pointed to the inconspicuous hotel, the room with security guards seems aroused suspicion. Our hero will manage to get in unnoticed, in order to do that try to play with wires. Here it is, thief sleeping in the room, so you can not make any noise. You must be very careful, you must block all the escape roots without creating any sounds. When you will be able to finish this task, the main character will get some more important clues that will lead to the accomplices of the criminal. Those clues give us a chance for a successful and a fair ending of Wheely 7.

Features of this beautiful red car game

Try the search at the full power, by the objects in the photo of criminals you can determine the location of the gang leaders. The gas station near the railroad has quite some secrets hidden there! Collect pieces of the puzzle, you will have to study the clues in the secret room. When you will manage to get the phone from one of the gang leaders, you need to analyze all the files and contacts of the thief. Thus will be able to find the organizer of this crime. Solve a lot of logical problems, show your wit and reaction. Play Wheely 7 in order to help the main character or without you he will never accomplish his mission.This storyline is very interesting and especially will appeal to fans of this series.

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