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Wheely 8

Wheely 8

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How to play

Wheely 8 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Wheely 8 is the last game from the series at the moment, it is the newest part of the adventures of our beloved hero. The red car again got into trouble, turn on the brains and apply your logic. The car must travel and at the same time solve its problems, help it. Often his way is blocked by various mechanisms, you can help to adjust the work of these things in your own way, with the benefit for the hero. During the game in the previous episodes you have met with levers and moving platforms, you know the capabilities of Wheely. The story began quite regularly, our lovers went to a picnic and began to prepare food, when suddenly from the skies, in emergency mode, descended an alien plate. The aliens asked for help to repair their transport. Our hero went to the garage to the old man he knew, you also should know this experienced craftsman.

Wheely 8: Aliens is the long-awaited sequel

Wheely 8 game is a lot of new levels that are faithful to the traditions of all the previous parts. Interactive details on the screen, not only logical approach will help you to overcome all difficulties. Be smart and precise in all of your actions. If you do everything right then already on the sixth level, you will be able to change the battery of a flying saucer. A cool mini-game is waiting for people who like to repair electronics.

Wheely 8wheely 8 aliensplay wheely 8

The working battery did not bring the results that the aliens hoped for. It is clear at this point that there is more than one broken part and our hero continues to search for things to repair. You know that Wheely the car is a very kind hearted guy. Further events will develop in the sewers, it is completely unclear what you can expect there. The underground is the place of residence for very dangerous people. There are gangster cars and underground laboratories and here you will be able to find the parts for alien ship.

Wheely 8 online - help the aliens

Play wheely 8 on absolutely new levels for you! Twelve levels will seem as warm-up, this might be hint that soon there will be a continuation of epic adventure as episode 9? But now is not the time to think about next episode, especially if the eighth part is not over yet. Enjoy your favorite characters online, free of charge and without registration. It's always fun to play with Wheely. Do not miss your chance to find out the end of this story.

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